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We are the enemies within
Times Higher Education Supplement, 22 September 2006
It is not a clash of civilisations but our own cultural self-loathing and pessimistic outlook that motivates young terrorists, many of them born in the West.
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Terror in the first person
Review of Talking to Terrorists by Robin Soans
Times Higher Educational Supplement, 5 August 2005
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Don't send in the tanks
THES, 30 July 2004
Using the Army to deter animal activists will not win over public opinion.
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Political tunnel vision is today's real terror
THES, 26 March 2004
In retreating from the world and politics, we all become more vulnerable - as the people and politicians of Spain have learnt.
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Social bonds can withstand most bombs
THES, 19 December 2004
Terrorism aimed at a divided society will never be countered by technical efforts alone - real resilience can come only from common purpose.
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From the rules of engagement to passionless marriages
THES, 28 November 2003
Conflict: From Analysis to Intervention, edited by Sandra Cheldelin, Daniel Druckman and Larissa Fast
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The fear and self-loathing in Las Vegas
THES, 17 October 2003
Now even the Americans are anti-American.
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A diabolical deal that still endangers democracy
THES, 28 March 2003
The Final Frontier: America, Science, and Terror, by Dominick Jenkins
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Men without a mission make poor soldiers
THES, 21 February 2003
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Why I think a dialogue with the public will undermine science
THES, 12 April 2002
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