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H1N1 – The Social Costs of Cultural Confusion
Global Health Governance
Impact Factor: new journal                        Citations: not yet published
Accepted for publication in Vol. 4, No.2, June 2011

Reconciling Growing Energy Demand with Climate Change Management
Global Change, Peace & Security
Impact Factor: not stated                Citations: not yet published
Accepted for publication in Vol. 23, No. 2, June 2011

H1N1 – The Social Costs of Élite Confusion
Journal of Risk Research
Impact Factor: 0.569                        Citations: not yet published
Vol.14, No.5, pp.1-8, June 2011

Human Security – A Retrospective
Global Change, Peace & Security
Impact Factor: not stated                Citations: 0 (at 6 months)
Vol. 22, No. 3, October 2010

Securing Electricity : Blackout
The World Today
Vol.64, No.8/9, August/September 2008, pp.37-39

Home-Grown Nihilism : The Clash Within Civilisations
The Defence Academy Journal
February 2008

Clash of Civilisations or Cultural Conflict?
World Defence Systems
Issue 17, Autumn 2007, pp.46-47

Fear and Terror in a Post-Political Age
Government and Opposition
Vol.42, No.3, July 2007, pp.427-450

Suicide Bombers v Sexual Abusers: A Battle of Depravity or Western Fixations?
Security Journal
Vol.20, No.3, July 2007, pp.146-157

Risk and the Social Construction of 'Gulf War Syndrome'
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society
It may be that the search for a scientific or medical solution to Gulf War Syndrome was misguided. If there is such an entity, it appears to have much in common with other 'illnesses of modernity', whose roots are more socially and culturally driven than what doctors would conventionally consider to be diseases.
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Public Panic and Morale: World War Two Civilian Responses Re-Examined in the Light of the Current Anti-Terrorist Campaign
(with Edgar Jones, Robin Woolven and Simon Wessely)
Journal of Risk Research
, Vol.9, No. 1, January 2006
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Terrorism and Community Resilience - A UK Perspective
Chatham House Briefing Paper
ISP/NSC Briefing Paper 05/01, July 2005, pp.4-5
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The Limitations of Risk Management in Dealing with Disaster and Building Social Resilience
Vol.8, No.1, March 2005, pp.14-21
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Civilian Morale during World War Two: Responses to Air-Raids Re-Examined
Social History of Medicine, with Edgar Jones, Robin Woolven and Simon Wessely
Vol.17, No.3, December 2004, pp.463-479
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Animal-Rights Terrorism and the Demise of Political Debate
World Defence Systems
Vol.7, No.2, Autumn 2004, pp.202-203
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Cultural Influences on Resilience and Security
Homeland Security & Resilience Monitor
Vol.3, No.7, September 2004, pp.4-6
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Facing the Possibility of Bio-Terrorism
Current Opinion in Biotechnology
Vol.15, No.3, June 2004, pp.264-268
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Sociological Aspects of Risk and Resilience in Response to Acts of Terrorism
World Defence Systems
Vol.7, No.1, Spring 2004, pp.214-216
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Limitations of Public Dialogue in Science and the Rise of New ‘Experts’
Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy
Vol.6, No.4, Winter 2003, pp.82-92
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Is Real Resilience Attainable?
Homeland Security & Resilience Monitor
Vol.2, No.6, September 2003, pp.15-19
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The True Cost of Precautionary Chemicals Regulation
Risk Analysis
Vol.23, No.2, April 2003, pp.389-398
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Resilience or Panic? The Public’s Response to a Terrorist Attack
The Lancet, with Simon Wessely
Vol.360, No.9349, 6 December 2002, pp.1901-1902
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Perception and Threat: Why Vulnerability-Led Responses will Fail
Homeland Security & Resilience Monitor
Vol.1, No.4, November 2002, pp.16-18
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Calculating the Cost of Caution
Chemistry & Industry
Vol.1, No.5, 6 March 2000, p.170
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Cultural Precursors and Sociological Consequences of Contemporary Western Responses to Acts of Terror
in Aspects of Terrorism and Martyrdom: Dying for Good, dying for God, Rogers, M.B. Lewis, C.A. Loewenthal, K.M. Amlot, R. Cinnirella, M. and Ansari, H. (eds.)
The Edwin Mellen Press, Lampeter, UK, due 2011

Ethical Dialogue about Science in the Context of a Culture of Precaution
pp.105-122 in The Ethics of Protocells: Moral and Social Implications of Creating Life in the Laboratory, Bedau, M.A. and Parke, E.C. (eds.)
The MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, May 2009

Ethical Dialogue about Science
in Social and Ethical Perspectives on Protocells, Bedau, M. ed.
European Centre for Living Technology, Forthcoming, 2008

Les Attentats de Londres de Juillet 2005: Un Nihilisme ‘Made in the UK’
in Au Nom du 11 Septembre … Les Démocraties à L’Épreuve de L’Antiterrorisme, Bigo, D., Bonelli, L. and Deltombe, T. eds.
Editions La Découverte, 2008, pp.293-301

Fear in an Age without Meaning
in Fear: Aspects of an Emotion, McCarthy, E. and Hebblethwaite, K. eds.
Four Courts Press, 2007, pp.123-136

Home-Grown Nihilism: The Clash Within Civilisations
in Britain and Security, Cornish, P. ed.
The Smith Institute, 2007, pp.117-128

Understanding the Broader Context
in Technology and Security: Governing Threats in the New Millennium, Rappert, B. ed.
Palgrave Macmillan, 2007, pp.193-211

What Can the Science and Technology Community Contribute?
in Science and Technology Policies for the Anti-Terrorism Era, James, A. ed.
IOS Press, Amsterdam, 2006, pp.38-50

Cultural Precursors and Psychological Consequences of Contemporary Western Responses to Acts of Terror
in 'The Psychology of Resolving Global Conflicts’, Fitzduff, M. and Stout C.E. eds.
Praeger Press, Westport, 2006, pp.307-326
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Cultural Precursors and Psychological Consequences of Contemporary Western Responses to Acts of Terror
in ‘Psychological Responses to the New Terrorism: A NATO-Russia Dialogue’, Wessely, S. and Krasnov V.N. eds.
IOS Press, Amsterdam, 2006, pp.37-53
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Science and Medical Knowledge
in ‘The New Sociology of Health’, Wainwright, D. ed.
Sage Publications, London, Commissioned

What Can the Science and Technology Community Contribute?
in ‘Science and Technology Policies for the Anti-Terrorism Era’, James, A. ed.
IOS Press, Amsterdam, Forthcoming
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Limitations of Public Dialogue in Science and the Rise of New ‘Experts’
In ‘The Changing Role of the Public Intellectual’, Cummings, D. ed.
Routledge, Oxford, 2005, pp.82-92
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The Precautionary Principle: Is it Killing Innovation?
in ‘An Apology for Capitalism?’, Kumaria, S. ed.
Profile Books, 2004, pp.68-77
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Why has Europe become so Risk-Averse?
in ‘Breaking Down the Barriers’, Disney, H. ed.
Civitas, 2003, pp.39-46
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Trust comes from Expertise
in ‘Science: Can We Trust the Experts?’, Gilland, T. ed.
Hodder & Stoughton, 2002, pp.17-38

Plastic Panics: European Risk Regulation in the Aftermath of BSE
in ‘Rethinking Risk and the Precautionary Principle’, Morris, J. ed.
Butterworth-Heinemann, 2000, pp.140-166


 (Un)natural Disasters: Health Responses after Natural Hazards in Southeast Asia
NTS Perspectives (with Li Hongyan and Ong Suan Ee)
(cited as third author, responsible for framing and review = 20% contribution)
No.6, pp.1-23, April 2011

Development and Health in Southeast Asia from the Cold War to the Present
NTS Alert (with Ong Suan Ee)
(cited as second author, responsible for framing and review = 20% contribution)
Issue 2, pp.1-7, February 2011

Exploring the relationship between Health and Economic Development:
The Case of China
NTS Alert (with Li Hongyan)
(cited as second author, responsible for framing and review = 20% contribution)
Issue 1, pp.1-7, February 2011


Boozy Britain?
Battle in Print
September 2008

Paralysing Development Through Public Engagement and Risk Communication: The Case of Hydro-Electric Dams
Conference Paper, Royal Society
April 2006

The Concept of Risk
Nuffield Trust Paper, Health, Security and Foreign Policy Programme
November 2005
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Suicide Bombers v Sexual Abusers: A Battle of Depravity or Western Fixations?
Conference Paper, University of Wolverhampton 28 June 2005
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The Domestic Management of Terrorist Attacks
Final Project Report, Economic and Social Research Council
May 2005

Response to the Home Affairs Committee Inquiry into
Terrorism and Community Relation
Policy Watch Paper No.6, Institute of Ideas
November 2004

Social Resilience
Home Affairs Committee Inquiry into Terrorism and Community Relations, UK
September 2004
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The Social Basis for Fears about Science
Conference Paper, Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry
19 April 2004
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Communicating the War on Terror
Conference Report, King’s College London
January 2004
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Review of Terrorism-Related Work
Private Commission for Oxford Analytica
May 2003

What is Risk Analysis?
Private Commission for European Food Information Council, Brussels
January 2003

The Demoralisation of Science
Conference Paper, Demoralization: Morality, Authority and Power, Cardiff University, UK
5 April 2002
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Hazard and Risk in Perspective
Private Commission for European Council for Plasticisers and Intermediates, Brussels
February 2001

Poisonous Propaganda: Global Echoes of an Anti-Vinyl Agenda
Competitive Enterprise Institute, Washington
19 July 2000
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The European Food Agency: Likely Evolution and Impact
Private Commission for Tesco
March 2000

Poisonous Dummies: European Risk Regulation after BSE
Research Paper, European Science and Environment Forum, Cambridge, UK
June 1999
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Worst Case Scenarios
International Affairs
Vol.84, No.3, May 2008, pp.567-568

Media, War and Postmodernity
Media, War and Conflict
Vol.1, No.1, April 2008, pp.125-126

Containment: Rebuilding a Strategy against Global Terror
International Affairs
Vol.83, No.4, July 2007, pp.827-828

Contending cultures of counterterrorism
International Affairs, Vol.82 No.1 , January 2006, pp.195-196
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Imperial Hubris: Why the West is Losing the War on Terror
Journal of Strategic Studies
Vol.28, No.5, October 2005, p.897-900
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Risk in Perspective: In Defence of Common Sense
CTPA, London, October 2005, p.3

Inclusion versus Experimentation: A reply to Roland Jackson et al.
Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy
September 2005
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Cellular Phones, Public Fears, and a Culture of Precaution
Risk Analysis
Vol.24, No.4, August 2004, pp.1066-1068
Read on [pdf format]

The Globalization of Terrorism
The Global Review of Ethnopolitics
Vol.3, No.2, January 2004, pp.108-109
Read on [pdf format]

The Timid Corporation: Why Business is Terrified of Taking Risk
Risk Analysis
Vol.24, No.1, February 2004, pp.301-304
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Invited Comment
Journal of Risk Research
Vol.6, Issues 4-6, July 2003, pp.597-601
Read on [pdf format]

Letter to the Editor Regarding Chemical White Paper Special Issue
Risk Analysis
Vol.23, No.3, June 2003, pp.427-428
Read on [pdf format]

The Precautionary Principle in the 20th Century: Late Lessons from Early Warnings
Risk Analysis
Vol.22, No.6, December 2002, pp.1208-1209
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Sounding worse when things are really getting better
Today (Singapore)
29 March 2011

Welcome to the brave new world of risk-obsessed politics
Today (Singapore)
25 March 2011

Disaster hacks should stick to the facts
Today (Singapore)
18 March 2011

The West still needs to think big
The Independent (UK)
30 September 2010

The benefits of an ageing population in Asia
The Jakarta Globe (Indonesia)
31 August 2010

China’s helpful role in the new world order
China Daily
23 July 2008

Between Iraq and a Hard Place
Times Higher Education Supplement
31 January 2008

Attentats de Londres et de Glasgow: pourquoi?
La Presse, Canada
7 July 2007

Global Terrorism: what should we really fear?
July 2007

Global Terrorism: what should we really fear?
Britain Today, ESRC
March 2007

A Battle of Ideas in which Understanding Lies among the Casualties
Times Higher Education Supplement
19 January 2007

We are the Enemies Within
Times Higher Education Supplement
22 September 2006

Missing the Real Lessons of Terror
Mission Catalyst
January 2006

Terror in the First Person
Times Higher Education Supplement
5 August 2005

REACH is not about Safety
Science & Public Affairs
March 2005, p25

Toxic Policies
The Parliament Magazine
No.193, 29 November 2004, pp.39-40

Don’t Send in the Tanks
Times Higher Education Supplement
30 July 2004

Panic in the Streets
New Humanist
May 2004

Political Tunnel Vision is Today’s Real Terror
Times Higher Education Supplement
29 March 2004

Social Bonds Can Withstand Most Bombs
Times Higher Education Supplement
19 December 2003

The Fear and Self Loathing in Las Vegas
Times Higher Education Supplement
17 October 2003

A Diabolical Deal that still Endangers Democracy
Times Higher Education Supplement
28 March 2003
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Men Without A Mission Make Poor Soldiers
Times Higher Education Supplement
21 February 2003

The Precautionary Principle is causing a scare
Risk of Freedom Briefing
July 2002
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Why I … think a dialogue with the public will undermine science
Times Higher Education Supplement
12 April 2002

Troubled Waters: A Tale of Mad Salmon
The Wall Street Journal, European Edition
11 January 2001

Science by Committee
Last Magazine
Summer 2000

Leap-Frogging Over Science
LM Magazine
No.126, December 1999/January 2000

Plastic Panic
The Wall Street Journal, European Edition
9 June 1999

Euro Food Regulation: Poisonous Dummies
LM Magazine
No.114, October 1998

French Lessons
LM Magazine
No.86, Janaury 1996


Why ‘deradicalisation’ is not the answer
5 June 2008

History : It’s just one bloody thing after another
30 May 2008

Death of the Warrior Ethos
29 February 2008

Gordon Brown’s State of Terror
15 November 2007

Is London still stressed out about 7/7 ?
3 April 2007

Looking beyond the ‘beheading’ headlines
1 February 2007

The government is for turning
8 January 2007

Tempted by Terror
14 November 2006

Worrying about Mobiles is a waste of time
26 September 2006

Enlightening the future 2024

The war on terror as displacement activity
9 March 2006

Is there any activity that doesn't produce a biological effect?
Spiked, 14 November 2005
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Contributors to this debate reveal a hodge-podge of concerns
Spiked, 8 November 2005
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If you could teach the world just one thing...
Spiked, 1 May 2005
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Al-Qaeda: a conspiracy of dunces?
Spiked, 14 April 2005
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We should test drugs on primates
Spiked, 10 March 2005
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A question of fear, not chemistry
Spiked, 16 November 2004st be described as conclusions in search of data.
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Facing the fear of bioterrorism
Spiked, 9 November 2004
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Hunters in the house
Spiked, 24 September 2004
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They warn too much
Spiked, 30 July 2004
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A toxic tale of terror
Spiked, 7 April 2004
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The precautionary principle assumes that prevention is better than cure
Spiked, 16 March 2004
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Trust and perception
Spiked, 10 February 2004
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Blunkett jumps the gun
Spiked, 7 February 2004
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Britain's bunker mentality
Spiked, 22 January 2004
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An arresting sight
Spiked, 4 December 2003
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Phone alarm
Spiked, 27 November 2003 phones.
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Houses of precaution
Spiked, 22 May 2003
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Communicating the War on Terror
Spiked, 22 May 2003
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Men without a mission
Spiked, 27 February 2003
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A state of dis-union
Spiked, 30 January 2003
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States of mind
Spiked, 3 December 2002
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Eroding expertise
Spiked, 28 August 2002
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Speaking of science
Spiked, 30 May 2002
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Morals vs evidence
Spiked, 20 November 2001
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Judging Pop Idol
Spiked, 13 November 2001
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Gender-bending chemicals: fact and fiction
Spiked, 11 July 2001
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Leap-frogging over science
Spiked, 11 July 2001
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Spiked-proposals: Science
Spiked, 7 June 2001
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Science by committee
Spiked, 5 June 2001
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Household products - toxic shocks?
Spiked, 20 February 2001
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Toxic salmon? Codswallop
Spiked, 22 January 2001
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China and Africa : A Rewarding Relationship
Times Online
16 July 2008

A Superficial Balance : China’s New Confucianism
Culture Wars
20 June 2008

Democratizing Technology : Risk, Responsibility and the Regulation of Chemicals
Electronic Journal of Sustainable Development
Vol.1, No.2, Spring 2008, pp.5-6

Home-Grown Nihilism: The Clash Within Civilisations
Journal of Homeland Security
3 May 2007

Why Did The European Union Ban Phthalates ?
An Exercise in ‘What If ?’ versus ‘What Is’

April 2007

Lay Values?
Tech Central Station
24 September 2003

How Long Can an Emergency Last For?
Tech-Central Station
28 May 2003

Are we getting the balance right?
Terrorism Research
April 2003

Blue Vinyl
Culture Wars
January 2003
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Society Loses when the Polluter is made to Pay
September 2002

LM Magazine
16 August 1999

Degrading Democracy
LM Online
17 March 1999